I like Lady Gaga's songs, coz she says always something i can't forget, and i sing it all the time.. :D I like her voice, i like clips.. So i collect some quotes i really like.. :]
'Loving you is cherry pie'
love someone.. like cherry pie. *-* great idea. :D
'Cherry cherry bum bum'
It's my ringtone. :D i can't forget these words..
'Just dance, gonna be okay'
If i'm sad, i think about it.. :]
'Love it when you call me legs,
In the morning buy me eggs'

unforgettable.. :D
'Boys like you love me forever'
i say it, when i see someone without feelings.. :D
'Je veux ton amour et je veux ton revenge
Je veux ton amour'

I can't speak french, but i love these part.. *-* and i know, it means I want your love, i want to see you, i want your love. Something like this.. :D

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