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[EN] So.. my mother language is hungarian. Now i'm at school in Netherlands, so i've learned dutch. At school, we must learn english too. It wasn't problem in the begining, but now.. We're learning 'Present Perfect'.. The teacher said like this:
Ik woon in Rotterdam - I live in Rotterdam.
Ik woon al in Rotterdam sinds 3 jaar. - I've lived in Rotterdam since 3 years.
Ik heb in Rotterdam gewoond. - I lived in Rotterdam.
But! If you say..
I've never seen this before. - Ik heb dit nog nooit gezien.
I understand it just a little bit.. But i'm sooo confused! So.. I think! If you say when, then you have to say in dutch 'verb + al'. But if you say just something with have+verb, then you say in dutch 'heb+vooltooid deelwoord'. If someone knows it better than me, please tell me how is it.. :D
I just want to say.. if you learn a language like this.. english-dutch and you can't speak both of them, it's IMPOSSIBLE. Really, i'm just confused.. s: Yeah.. maybe later i'll understand it.. :D And i'll be thankfull if someone can tell me what's 'Present Perfect' in hungarian.. I forgot it. :D

[HU] KOMMENT kérdés: Mi a 'Present Perfect' magyarul, és mikor használjuk?

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