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I read this book yesterday, when i came back from Hungary by car. You can't stop reading this book! O: In the begining i tought it's a really stupid story, Stephenie Meyer is crazy. After Twilight something like this.. not the same. S: But after 4 pages, i can't stop reading. Really. In the end i start to cry, when Wanderer kills herself.. In hungarian she[wanderer] has another name, so i'm not sure if.. Ian is Ian in the English book.. :D But i think, in this story Ian can be Jacob, Jared is Edward, and of course Melanie/Wanderer is Bella. But yeah, it's something really other. Something unforgettable.. But i want to know what will happen after that? o.O' I hope, human will win. :] Just like always: you must read it. :)

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