Heeey! We had nothing to do, so we made photos with my sister.. ^^, We played just like we're cheerleaders.. :D And our cheer is: Smile, smile, smile hurray! :D
COMMENT question: Are you a cheerleader? What's your cheer? :D
KOMMENT kérdés: Pompomlány/fiú vagy? Mi a 'mottód'?

[EN] just like a real cheerleader.. ^^,
[HU] pont, mint egy igazi pompomlány.. ^^,

[EN] she is my little sweetheart. (L)
[HU] ö az én kicsi.. hugiiim. (L)

[EN] i mean cherry cherry bumbum! :D come on!
[HU] úgy értem cherry cherry bumbum! :D hajráá!

[EN] yeah.. ^^, thanks for mum!
[HU] jah.. ^^, köszi érte anyának!

[EN] We're a team! (L)
[HU] Egy csapat vagyunk! (L)

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