Healthy what?

Before I rush off into healthy land, it's probably important to discuss why I'm doing it. I don't want to convince anyone to follow my steps or push anyone into change, I'm just telling my story.

I think everyone has their time to change. You can only change of you want to, not if someone else is telling you to. To start with, it's hard to see that there is a problem. Getting a bit more fluffy is not a problem, I still look sexy! Watching Netflix is totally good for me. I learn so much from it. Or I use it as relaxation. You keep telling yourself these things to keep the bubble in place. A bubble where everything is fine.

Until one day you start to see the cracks and thorns in your bubble in realise that something is off. I knew my weight and inactivity were getting out of hand. I made a schedule to track what I was doing and how often. It was almost empty and I tried to avoid looking at it. But there comes a moment when the bubble pops and it's time to step out of its remains.

I didn't know what to do though. Most people say they would like to change. They would like to sport more, eat healthier, but they just don't know where to start. For me, the movie "What the health?" gave some guidance and starting point. Let's put some healthy fuel into that body! And once you start, you will keep going. You start to wonder if what you put on your body, like cremes are actually good for it, or you just do it because everyone does it? Or your clothing? Where does that come from and is it not harming you? From one thing you get to another and realise how much is wrong in this world. You realise that you couldn't change, because the world is not changing. Prices are going up, but quality isn't. Today's trends are totally off. Bigger burgers, new fashion accessories and so on.. But do you really need those in order to be happy? No you don't.

Honestly, the moment my bubble popped, I got scared. No big company cares about our health, they care about our money. I actually cried. How can the world be such a cruel place where money is more important than health? Yes, a big burger might make you happy now, but what about a few months later when you realise you got fat and sick? The big company won't care about that.

But, after all that sadness, I realised it was actually such a great opportunity to start over! To really open my eyes and look around. To change.

So, I started looking up the less scary stuff, the actually good stuff and there is so much good out there! It gave me hope and direction. And that is how my healthy journey began.

If you are interested in What the Health, it's on Netflix and here is their website:

Some people might be in denial at this point, and that's fine. I was also in denial for a long time. Take your time, and ask yourself once in a while: am I really happy doing this? As long as you're truly happy, it's all good, right? :) 

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