Listen to your body, understand what it wants

I want to tell you more about my healthy eating habits. At the moment, I'm trying to go full plant-based (vegan) and it's going pretty well! If you have seen any documentary about animal abuse, the food industry or just the vegan life-style, you know what I'm talking about. If not, don't stop reading just yet, I'm going to talk about McDonalds and chocolate first!

We eat for a lot of reasons these days, not just because our body needs energy. Usually we eat in front of the tv, or while catching up with family and friends. We also don't like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen anymore, because we have no time for fancy meals, dirty dishes and all that stuff. So we go to the McDonalds, get a few burgers and get on with our day. Or we warm up something, quickly eat it while scrolling on Facebook and then watch some tv. While watching tv, we also eat some snacks, maybe just to chew on something, or because we are bored. I used to eat a lot of chocolate because I was stressed (there is research showing that eating chocolate can lower stress levels!). However, eating this way leaves no room for the body to react to whatever you are filling it with. Sometimes food might make you sick, which you will consider just annoying, but won't really care about why it happened or if it will happen again. Or you will just simply laugh about how much you ate and how delicious it was. 

I used to go to the McDonalds probably every week. It's cheap, it tastes okay and I liked the way it was so fast and efficient. Naively, I never thought it could actually be poisoning my body. They are selling them everywhere, no one is dying because of the food, so it can't be that bad... right? Boy, I was so wrong. 

Once I stopped eating meat for two weeks, because I just couldn't do it. It was after the movie "Earthlings", which is listed as a horror documentary. If you want to see the real deal about the industries using animals, and you also want to stop eating meat, I would recommend it. 

More recently, I watched "What the health" and while watching, I thought: well, if everything is so bad for me, what on earth am I supposed to eat? I know that more people think like that after reading news about "Meat is bad for you". "Milk is bad for you". The media probably covered every possible food as bad at least once. But then, as a future researcher, I checked the sources. A vegan, plant-based life-style seems to work! I'm not going into details why or why not, everyone can look that up or ask me, if interested. You know, you should do it in your own time, not because I say so. :)

Now about that listening to the body.. Just for once, try to turn off everything and just focus on your food. And please, let that not be a McChicken menu, but something that you made yourself and healthy. To get a great vegan experience, try chocolate chip cookies. Or a nice pasta. It might sound horrific to some people, but yes, just sit there, in silence and eat your food. Nom-nom. Maybe cookies were a bad example, because while eating, I want you to listen to your body. Not the whale sounds your belly makes.. More that feeling of getting full. Or that voice in your head saying that it's enough. It's all there, we just never hear it! 

You might say, well, I do have cravings and my body is screaming ice-cream for example.. That could be. My body used to scream McDonalds every time I walked past one.. But as a rational being, do you think your body really wants it, or is it something else? Maybe you are bored. Maybe you are thirsty! Maybe your body really is craving some type of food, but is there a healthier way to get it? There is definitely a healthier option than McDonalds.. So it's not only about listening, but also about understanding. Once you learn to listen and understand, you will feel a lot better about eating and about eating healthy. 

I wanted to add a picture to this post, but I laughed so hard.. You have to google this and see all the happy people eating salads! Maybe this is you, trying to eat in silence for the first time? :) Salads do sound pretty hilarious. Just kidding. Enjoy your food! :)

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