first time out!

This post is about going to restaurants. In the past, I would go to McDonalds at least once a month. On other occasions we would go to a fancier place, but usually, as a student I would cook at home. Actually, at one point I got so comfortable at the Mac, that I would go alone and just sit there, eat like 5 hamburgers.. Or a happy meal!

But, that's all behind me. I was a bit scared of going out to a restaurant as a vegan, because I don't want to be that pain in the ass, sitting there and asking questions and having all kind of special requests.. So I have to admit, the first time I went to a restaurant, I went to McDonalds. They have a vegan veggie burger (not everywhere tho!). In this case, I just ordered something from the menu, it tasted like McDonalds, addictive and everything.. So you know, this doesn't really count.

Then, it was my sister's birthday and she really wanted to go to Very Italian Pizza. I did my online research: no vegan options on the menu. I panicked. I love going to restaurants, get something amazing cooked for me, but now it was no fun.. I decided to call them and ask if they could make a pizza without the cheese, then I could eat a veggie pizza! They were really kind, so I was looking forward to eating out again. We got there, I told them I wanted the veggie pizza without the cheese and... no problem! I was also a bit questioning what a pizza would be without the cheese, but it was amazing! I had no troubles with melting, hot cheese, haha. Or you know, when the cheese takes all the toppings along and you're left with an empty pizza. None of that! So it's actually even practical.

My advice for scary bunnies: do your online research, if that doesn't work: call. If it goes wrong, you can always hang up! (I seriously had that thought).

Honestly, I'm a scary bunny again, because I'm going to an even fancier restaurant this weekend, where they have "traditional" meaty options.. and I couldn't get a hold of them on the phone yet. So, we'll see..

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